Ralls County Clock Company LLC - A very rude business owner


I took my vintage pocket watch movement in to the Ralls County Clock Company of Hannibal, MO. to get a winding key and a minute hand for it.

After looking at the watch for about 5 minutes the watchmaker stated he didn't have a hand to fit it and out of the blue the owner shouted at me that they were working and didn't have time to fool with me.

I was astounded, as I had been asked by his son the day before to come back in when the watchmaker was there and let him look at it. I told them if I was bothering them I'd just leave and started to walk toward the door to leave the business. I asked if I owed them anything and he replied that I did not, that they hadn't done anything to the watch, and I started to walk out the door.

He asked me as I was exiting the store if I wanted to leave my watch to have it repaired and I said "No, I don't think so", to which he replied "Good!".

They were supposed to order a winding key to fit my watch but I will not return to their business under any circumstance to pick it up or ever do business with them again.

He was the most rude person I have ever had the displeasure to do business with in my entire life and I could not believe he spoke to a customer like that.

Review about: Watch Repair.

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